UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yogyakarta

Hi there! I am back with a new post 🙂 This time I am taking you guys to see a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Meet Prambanan Temple compound!

IMG_7281.JPG This compound is one of the biggest Hindu temple in South East Asia and the largest one in Indonesia. I suggest you going there either in the morning or afternoon. You may want to avoid going there at noon. Why? 1 simple reason: The heat. Don’t expect trees to give you some shades while strolling around the compound. I went there in the afternoon and managed to capture the above sunset pic 🙂





IMG_7254.JPG Like other Hindu/Buddhist temple, at the entrance you will be given a sarong (like the one I had in the photo) to wear. Man or woman. Everyone has to wear one of those. When you finish walking the whole compound, you will have to return the sarong at the exit gate. Anyway, look at the crowds behind me? Yup and it’s not even high season!


IMG_7283.JPG A little tip if you are visiting, instead of going directly to the exit gate, you can take a turn from the gate and see more temple compounds along the way. It’s quite a walk because it’s actually circling Prambanan Temple compound. If you are worried about the crowd, no worries. Most of visitors won’t notice this area. At least in my case, it was just me and my friend walking here. Haha. With trees around us, the air is just so refreshing! The temples in this area are much smaller and some were still in renovation by the time we visited.



IMG_7251.JPG I hope you enjoy this post and I’d like to hear from you too! I’ll keep more interesting places coming so make sure you follow my blog to keep updated! Until next time! 🙂 Jonn


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